Awards 2014, category 19: Realia Marketing for Polygon Norway

November 13, 2014

Best internal audience campaign: Red pants

In 2013 Polygon Norway lost an estimated 8.67m NOK in possible revenue as a result of its field based technicians failing to bill for disposable items and buying fuel when it was most expensive. In addition, it was suffering from one of the lowest levels of employee satisfaction in the Group. Often feeling isolated, technicians felt they were being emailed too much with too much English business jargon. 

We had to do something different to halt the decline in revenues and satisfaction – we had to take risks. 

The ‘Wearing pants; it’s a habit. Let’s make registering every item a habit too!’ campaign was different from anything anyone had seen before and was a big risk for the client to take. It had an immediate impact in terms of awareness of the issue and, critically on revenues; in just three months gross revenues per technician increased by 38%, whilst at the same time the costs associated with vehicles reduced by 60%. There has been a dramatic impact on Employee Satisfaction too – improving from 68 points to 85 points. “The registrations campaign was of vital importance to our business and the results so far have been staggering – we are hitting the jackpot.”



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