Awards 2014, category 21: Paypal

November 14, 2014

Best B2B product launch campaign: PayPal here launch

PayPal Here is a new mobile payment solution consisting of a free mobile app and pocket-sized Chip & PIN card reader that is linked to the mobile app via Bluetooth. PayPal Here enables businesses to take credit & debit card payments as well as PayPal payments. 

The launch of PayPal Here meant expanding PayPal’s traditional target audience from pure ecommerce businesses to businesses that may not even have a website. 

PayPal Here launched in the UK in August 2013. The objective of the launch campaign was to drive targeted acquisition while gathering learnings across a wide range of channels. 

Due to the unique product set up and onboarding process (at launch you signed up through the app and then bought the card reader for £99 through the app or from Apple), the campaign KPIs were focused on driving qualified sign ups through the app as opposed to pure app downloads to maximise the return on investment. 

The campaign was a huge success across all KPIs. The cost per app download came in at a staggering 80% below target and a ‘pre and post’ look at sign-ups and card reader sales showed spectacular results for sign ups and sales.



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