Awards 2014, category 21: Xuber

December 2, 2014

The London insurance market is a unique and exceptional trading forum that handles over £26 billion worth of the world’s risk.

Known for handling the exception – covering distinctly unusual risk such as Tina Turner’s legs and Ken Dodd’s teeth – the London market is highly complex, has global reach and changes constantly.

Many of the insurance and reinsurance companies in the London market (the ‘Square Mile’) have entrenched competitor legacy systems that are hard-coded and inflexible. A common barrier to international reach. Xuber identified a burning platform to address this and created a tailored solution for the London market that offered capabilities across both local and global markets.

Xuber needed to let insurers and reinsurers know that they could achieve more using Xuber4London. After working closely with its product strategy teams and technical architects to fully understand its differentiators, Xuber set about a product launch to an audience of hard to reach, risk-adverse C-Level insurance decision makers.

A clear evening on the 29th floor of the Millbank Tower provided a stunning backdrop for an event that attracted 120 C-Level executives to the launch of Xuber4London.







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