Awards 2014, Category 9 - Earnest for IRIS Software

November 21, 2014

Best website:‘IRIS – On the money’

Here comes the cloud. (We’ll need an umbrella.)

IRIS – a traditional accountancy software company with a 30-year history of building solid, dependable desktop software for the UK’s accountants and finance directors. 
And then along came the cloud.

Almost overnight all bets were off, new upstarts offering cloud software were upsetting the apple cart and many established players were left with an anguished look on their faces.

Not IRIS. They saw the cloud coming, and developed a leading-edge suite of cloudbased solutions. But a cloud-based provider clearly needs to able to sell the software online – as well as looking the part.

And IRIS had a labyrinthine web presence of mind-boggling complexity. It needed to come together under a cohesive cloud-ready umbrella – with ecommerce functionality woven in.

The task was gargantuan. It wasn’t just building a site from scratch, the task involved:
• Consolidating over 5,700 web pages across nine sites
• Re-structuring a complex product portfolio into user-centric customer journeys
• Delivering a ‘enterprise-class’ ecommerce platform on Magento
• Integrating the site and store with multiple CRM and financial systems
• In under 6 months!










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