Awards 2014, category five: Pull Digital for Kompan

November 14, 2014

Best use of creative: The smart playground by Kompan

For the first time, KOMPAN has built the timeless truths from Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales into outdoor play structures, and combined age- appropriate physical challenges with smart technologies to inspire learning and co-operation among children. The result is a new product line setting completely new standards for what a playground can offer.

The Smart Playground boasts augmented reality features as well as games that can be played on smartphones/tablets. These create a unique experience for children, parents and teachers that work both with each other and on their own.

It is impossible to take each prospective customer to experience a play structure at first hand. So the challenge is how to bring the structure to them!The solution needed to impart the array of features without endless pages of text, but to also

leave the customer with a true feel for these fantastic structures.

Pull devised a multi-media format that delivered some core, concise information on the printed page, a set of videos to explain key applications of the product, and a pop-up play structure enabling the viewer to interact with the augmented
reality features through an app using a smartphone or tablet, just as they would the real thing!



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