Awards 2014, category one: CBC for Danfoss

December 2, 2014

Danfoss wanted to launch a new range of innovative heat exchangers and use the opportunity to redefine its position in the market. To combat a flagging product line, Danfoss decided to move production in-house and developed a new breakthrough “Micro Plate™” design that delivered a number of advantages.


As a late-comer to a mature industry, it’s important Danfoss brings a new proposition to stakeholders. We decided to position Danfoss as the innovation leader within heat exchangers. The innovation positioning is both relevant (in a market starved of product
development) and credible (since Danfoss brings the biggest breakthrough in heat exchangers for 40 years to market).


Visually, the campaign is built on the unique pattern of Danfoss’ Micro Plate™ technology. By using the plate pattern to create images (rather like a pin-screen), we draw attention to specific benefits as well as Danfoss’ overall USP – the unique plate design itself.


Ads, brochure, film, DMs, exhibition, events, brochures, dealer POS material, digital, identity.

Why it should win

This campaign was ambitious and effective. It redefined a global brand, it challenged existing assumptions, it took an innovative new route to market and it delivered strong tangible results.



Marketing department




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