Awards 2014, category three: Torpedo for Adobe

December 2, 2014

Engaging a creative audience is tough: the very people who on a daily basis are knee-deep in developing content and campaigns – individuals who know a thing or two about what good looks like.

We understand these left-brain types. They wear the same badge as us, and appreciate how hard brands have to work to impress us. Let alone engage us.

Step forward Adobe, a company built on delivering tools that bring the creative process to life. Adobe doesn’t just want to be a ‘solution provider’, it wants to be part of the wider conversation, involved in the act of inspiration.

When it came to promoting Creative Cloud to a creative audience, Adobe wanted something unique. They wanted to increase their interaction with the creative community and build stronger relationships with key movers and shakers.

The result was an event like no other. A platform for sharing ideas, infused with a competitive edge - a live competition on stage - a creative battle royale.

Designers at home were also a big part of the audience. Live streaming and social interaction ensured the buzz from this event was widely accessible.

What follows is a story of the Creative Cloud, and Creative Jams…







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