B2B AWARDS, CATEGORY 22: Cyance for Kensington

August 28, 2013

Shortlist best B2B lead generation campaign: ‘Generating EMEA-wide leads in challenging verticals’

Aylesbury-based Kensington is a leader in hardware locks and offers a range of iPad, tablet, iPhone and smartphone solutions.

Despite this, brand awareness across Europe was low. In the UK, an average of 14 laptops are stolen from every company each year, yet just 12% of UK companies use anti-theft technology and believe encryption to be sufficient versus physical locks.

Kensington wanted a targeted B2B lead generation campaign to create demand in healthcare and education verticals and the IT channel across EMEA.

Kensington had very little marketing resource and decided to outsource to Cyance whose teams were able to create a fully integrated, joined-up and tailored lead-gen approach targeting prospects across EMEA; from initial data source and cleanse, to content creation/distribution and telemarketing, to passing on truly sales qualified leads to Kensington, further to extensive lead nurturing throughout the funnel.

Target: 1 lead per working day.

The results achieved more than Kensington could have hoped for, now with a pipeline worth millions, saying “this was not only a bold step, but the right step.”



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