The B2B guide to customer insight

December 8, 2017

Transforming data into predictable revenue

How can you use insight to understand your converting customers, and devote all your time and effort to finding and nurturing them – and similar leads?

Over 30 years, and across thousands of databases, Blue Sheep has found that 60-80% of a company’s revenue comes from just 15-25% of the customer base.

By focusing budget, effort and resource from the sales and marketing teams on those customers that deliver the majority of the revenue, a business can transform its profitability – without transforming the organisation.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • Why customer insight requires a foundation of data quality
  • The process of cleansing, matching and enhancing customer data
  • The 3 business objectives your customer insight goals need to meet
  • What Money Mapping is, how it works, and the insights it can deliver
  • How to leverage B2B customer insights for profitable gain.

Find out why you need customer insight in the world of B2B marketing, download the guide now.



Customer insight



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