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B2B needs a new model for performance marketing

April 2, 2019

See more from your investment and boost your ROI

When talking about performance marketing, people normally think of online advertising. Pay-per-click (or pay-per-action) is the performance model agencies and media typically offer to their advertisers. Now, with the increasing importance of digital marketing and data analytics in B2B, a more strategic approach to performance marketing can be applied.

Today, 88% of B2B companies are struggling with lead generation and when leads are finally identified, only 5-10% are converted due to ineffective nurturing.

Expandi uses a performance-based approach across the entire customer journey maximizing conversion from Marketing Qualified leads to Sales Qualified Leads in alignment with payment-on-results models.

If you want to know more about how to: 

  • Boost your sales win-rate
  • Spend your time and resources on the highest quality of leads
  • Cut out the waste

Download our white paper.

B2B needs a new model for performance marketing


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