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Cutting through the GDPR minefield

September 22, 2017
United Kingdom

Seven free tips you can action today to make sure your business is GDPR ready.

If there’s one message to shout about when it comes to GDPR, it’s ‘don’t panic, but act now!’

The key is to remain calm, get clued up and take incremental steps to get GDPR-ready.

In truth, there are seven simple steps marketers can take to become GDPR ready. And it’s these seven steps Force24 have collated in this one simple, straight-talking guide.

Download your free copy now to get hold of some clear, plain-language guidance that will steer you through the basics, demystify the details that matter and provide practical, easy-to-action next steps. 

The guide covers the seven practical steps you can start taking right now, including:

Step 1: Know the basics
Step 2: Delve into the detail
Step 3: Be clear on consent
Step 4: Know your geographical limits
Step 5: Create multi level permissions
Step 6: Strive for seamless data sync
Step 7: Remember the right to be forgotten

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"In May 2018, the life of the marketer will change forever when the General Data Protection Regulations come into force throughout Europe."

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