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Dare to be different: The state of B2B content marketing differentiation in 2017

August 29, 2017

Your content doesn’t stand out from the competition, it’s not right for the people you're sending it to, and you don’t know how well it’s working.

Most importantly, you don’t have time to do it any better.

Who says so? You do. We interviewed you (or a least 172 of your peers worldwide).

This report spells out the challenges faced by many B2B marketers and the ways you can use content more effectively to retain existing customers and win new ones. The key things we cover are differentiation, consistency, customer experience and data.

Bottom line, you can give yourself more time by creating less content and making sure it’s better and more relevant to the people who matter.

This will deliver better results.

Download this free 14-page report to discover:

  • Why marketers need to differentiate the content they produce
  • The top challenges marketers face when differentiating their content
  • How they tailor content to their audience
  • How data influences differentiation strategy
  • Why marketers think a lack of consistency is such a bad thing.

"This report is essential reading for anyone involved in B2B content marketing campaigns"

Alistair Norman, managing director, Tomorrow People
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