emedia Lead Nurturing Report

October 3, 2016
United Kingdom

Lead a horse to water

Lead hoarding is the guilty habit of modern organisations, driving in-house email campaigns and paying external agencies to amass potential clients, the fruits of which are all too often left to languish.

In response to this, lead nurturing has become a badge of honour for top tier marketers, chasing leads from the top of the funnel to the salespeople waiting at the bottom.

Insight into the minds and tactics of your peers

This report draws on a survey of top B2B marketers to establish how the industry is approaching lead nurturing.

You'll discover the benefits that successful marketers have reaped through lead nurturing, the challenges they've faced and the future goals that they're now aspiring to.

You'll find top tips on numerous topics including segmenting data, personalising programs and marketing automation.

This report will fuel your future plans and help you to design and implement successful lead nurturing campaigns. 



Content marketing
Demand generation
Marketing automation



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