Extracting meaning and sentiment from textual data

June 21, 2017
United Kingdom

The comments, tweets and reviews your customers are posting about your products and brand can deliver hugely valuable insights for your business.

Meaning and sentiment - your two key factors

Extracting both meaning and sentiment - the 2 key elements of social posts - can give you a real business edge. You'll be better able to understand how your customers feel about the CX you deliver, and repsond through product development and targeted messaging.

Apteco developed FastStats, to provde tools that enable marketers to analyse online textual data such as tweets and reviews. 

This eGuide explores and demonstrates how, through analysis of textual data in FastStats, you can:

  • Separate good reviews from bad reviews
  • Identify positive and negative sentiment in posts
  • Use word scoring to effectively analyse short reviews or tweets
  • Identify the words your customers use most frequently in social media and product reviews
  • Gain in-depth understanding of their sentiments and alter your marketing accordingly.







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