Filling the knowledge gap: How B2B buyers seek information to make a purchase

August 5, 2013

Part two of the 2013 Buyersphere report

B2B buyers start from a position of considerable knowledge. However, in order to make the best possible purchase decision, they then set out to acquire the additional knowledge they need. The big challenge for marketers is therefore to know what kind of information they look for and, armed with this knowledge, to provide that information, thus positioning themselves as supportive, expert and capable suppliers.

This section of the Buyersphere gives an overview of three critical factors:

  • The type of information sought
  • The format in which that information is preferred
  • Where buyers go to find it

While every industry - and every buyer - is unique and subject to specific needs and preferences, a general view of these three areas will help marketers to judge how they should be investing in producing the content that will successfully support the buyer through the buying process, and maximise their chances of selection at the end of it.








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