The future of predictive marketing

June 27, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to gaze into a crystal ball and see who your hottest prospects are, what kind of content they want to consume, and when they intend to make their next purchase? It might sound like a pipe dream, but predictive marketing tools actually already provide this level of insight.

We surveyed 146 B2B marketers, in association with Cyance, to lift the lid on how B2B marketers currently handle prospects and leads, how prepared they are to provide personalised messaging to their audiences, and how aligned sales are with marketing when it comes to acting on the leads they're sent. We’ve also explored marketers’ knowledge of predictive marketing, and the potential benefits such tools can bring.

Download this free paper to find out:

  • The top challenges facing B2B marketers when identifying prospects
  • How they rate their ability to identify prospects based on engagement
  • The main obstacles that prevent meaningful personalisation to prospects and customers
  • The major concerns marketers have about how sales handle the leads they're sent 
  • What the current awareness of predictive marketing is, and what the benefits of such tools are.
The future of predictive marketing




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