GDPR Compliance and Guidance Statement

March 2, 2018

Is there finally an answer to GDPR marketing compliance?

If you’re still unsure on the specifics of the new GDPR legislation, head to the official ICO website. If you’re looking for the solution to marketing compliance, read on…

The findings of an industry poll were published recently, and if you’re a digital marketer it made for bleak – albeit perhaps unsurprising – reading. The survey revealed that 33% of search and digital professionals work 9-12 hours every day, with a further 15% admitting that every waking hour is a working hour!

If these stats don’t convince you that marketers are overstretched, we don’t know what will!

It’s therefore no wonder that so many people are still contacting Force24 for GDPR guidance. Because, they may have just about found enough time to get their heads around the regulations, but sparing enough hours to develop a marketing compliance strategy..? No chance!

That’s the reason we’ve compiled an updated version of our ‘GDPR compliance & guidance statement’. The last pdf, published in the Autumn, proved one of our most downloaded resources to date. But, new legislative elements are coming to the fore all the time, so every time we get our hands on a fresh nugget of info, we refresh the guide so friends of Force24 are armed with as much insight as possible.

GDPR compliance

So, if you’re struggling for time, are still daunted by how you’ll ensure compliance or are wondering how much tech can lighten the burden, download our pdf for free.







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