The great ABM swindle

April 24, 2017
United Kingdom

Account Based Marketing (ABM) has dominated marketing strategy conversations for the last two years, and shows no sign of fading away just yet. If anything, it is becoming even more hotly debated as the conversation has shifted from 'ABM is coming' to 'ABM is here.'

This handy eGuide from Enigma will show you how ABM can be boiled down to three key pillars – context, relevance, and personalisation – and how the strength of the ABM approach can benefit all aspects of marketing. They will also address the critical need to strike a balance between quantity and quality, and how you don’t need to sacrifice one in favour of the other.

"The priority now is to move beyond an understanding of what ABM is and focus on how your organisation can put it to best use."

Conference 2017: Account Based-Everything

Laser-focused practical learning, focused entirely on how B2B businesses of all shapes, sizes and models can deliver sales and business growth through account-based marketing (ABM).

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