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How do B2B marketers rate digital advertising?

May 8, 2018

Download this free, in-depth research and find out what B2B marketers really think of digital advertising.

Online advertising is almost 25 years old, yet our study found many B2B marketers are only taking their first steps in the digital advertising world. Almost two-thirds are struggling to target B2B audiences online, and 44% rate the quality of the audiences they buy as poor.

This report, published in association with BPA Worldwide, will show you:

  • The biggest challenges marketers face when buying advertising and targeting B2B audiences
  • Why B2B marketers are still taking an ‘old’ media approach to online advertising
  • The reasons why marketers are yet to fully embrace digital advertising
  • The biggest concerns around advertising online with regards to transparency and fraud
  • Why there’s overwhelming demand for greater transparency and independent auditing of publishers and audiences

“Publishers have been unable, or unwilling, to keep up with marketer expectations of discovery, activation and verification functionality. This report illustrates this divide which has created a void of trust.”

Scott Roulet, Vice President, B2B Media Exchange, BPA Worldwide


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