How good are you at inbound marketing?

April 16, 2014

With the possible exception of social media, inbound marketing has been the most widely discussed topic in the world of business marketing for the last few years. Content creation and dissemination has been positioned towards the top of almost all B2B marketers’ to do lists in this time, and it’s fair to say it has revolutionised the world of B2B marketing.

Plenty has been written, filmed and shared regarding the virtues of, and best practices in, inbound marketing in recent times. But we were eager to go a little further and assess just how sophisticated the average B2B marketing team is when it comes to inbound marketing. This is why we partnered with inbound marketing specialist Tomorrow People, to ask: ‘How good are you at inbound marketing?’ 


This report features research analysis, best practice advice and additional benchmarking tables.


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