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How to make your B2B direct mail more successful

February 11, 2019

Direct mail is back as a powerful B2B lead-generation tool.

Unlike the large volume consumer campaigns of yesteryear, today's DM is usually high-value, low volume and precisely targeted to maximise ROI. 

Used in tandem with supporting digital media, the novelty of receiving exciting physical mail can quickly fire the interest of prospective customers, motivate them to learn more about proposition or get in touch.

Research proves that decision-makers place greater trust in brands that communicate using physical mail.

Download this guide to learn 5 quick tips about:

  • DM creativity
  • Data quality
  • Campaign integration
  • Quality vs quantity
  • Effortless CTAs

When mail is included in the marketing mix, campaigns have 12% bigger ROI than those without mail.

BrandScience, 2017
How to make your B2B direct mail more successful






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