Marketing to automation and control engineers

March 3, 2017
United Kingdom

The automation and controls space is robust, with purchases of industrial automation equipment predicted to reach $225 billion by 2017. It’s the engine behind most of the world’s manufacturing. If you’re marketing to this critical space, success means making a real connection with engineers. This is easier said than done. Making the right connections requires a unique balance of art and science that’s critical to your success.

It's as problematic as it is promising. 

Godfrey have put decades of knowledge into this definitive playbook to help marketers more effectively reach engineers at OEM's and end users. With the right techniques and approach, connecting with that ever–elusive audience will prove easier than ever before after reading this guide.

This guide is full of helpful tips on how you can:

  • Target your audience and build the right personas
  • Discover current trends and challenges facing OEM design engineers
  • Keep track of the OEM customer journey
  • Apply actionable tactics right now for reaching engineers



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