Multiple Corporate Personality Disorder, and how to avoid it

September 11, 2017

In our commoditised world, brand differentiation is everything. But knowing what your brand personality is and how to bring it to life is a challenge many businesses just can't rise to.

This whitepaper explores how you determine the distinctive and enduring personality of your brand, avoid Multiple Corporate Brand Disorder, and bring to life who ‘you’ really are, to deliver communications that mean something to your audiences.

Download your copy now, to discover:

  • Why personality counts
  • The key questions to ask when defining your brand's personality
  • The crucial importance of honesty
  • How it all starts with the 'why' of what you do
  • The five steps for creating an enduring personality road map
  • How structure fits into the picture
  • How to avoid and remedy Multiple Corporate Brand Disorder
  • The importance of your corporate story - and how to create it.

Discover how to get back to being human

We are each of us programmed to respond to human beings.

This whitepaper will show you why and how it's time for you to put the 'person' in your brand personality, get back to being human, and start winning more of the trust and loyalty of your customers.


“People don’t do business with logos, colours, Twitter or Facebook…they do business with PEOPLE.”

Erika Napoletano, Author
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