Pod’s Guide to GDPR

February 18, 2018

Your guide to the key changes brought about by new data protection regulations.

GDPR introduces game-changing data protection regulations that B2B marketers simply can’t afford to ignore.

Our Guide to GDPR gives you quick and accessible insight into all the most important changes that the new regulations introduce. While it’s difficult for anyone to answer the many questions still surrounding GDPR and how it will be interpreted or enforced in practice, this guide offers a helpful starting point on the path to compliance.

Download the guide now to:

  • Understand why the ‘right to be forgotten’ is forcing businesses to update their data archiving systems
  • Discover why ‘consent’ needs to be explicit and how you should be asking for it from your customers
  • Start creating a privacy policy that will help you achieve compliance more easily.


“Although many businesses will be worried about the additional burden created by GDPR, there is also an interesting commercial opportunity here for those who embrace it. Yes, businesses will need to work harder to get people to opt in- but those who do say ‘yes’ – and make an informed choice to do so - are much more likely to engage with any communications from you in the future.”


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