Power your sales and marketing efforts with phone-based research

January 24, 2018

Are you struggling to get value from your data assets, lacking actionable insight to inform your sales and marketing strategy?

With so much structured and unstructured data coming in from so many sources, data can be both an opportunity and a burden for B2B marketers.

Phone-based market research services can help you to transform your data sets into valuable prospect, customer and marketing intelligence by:

  • Providing more nuanced information on customer attitudes and behaviour, revealing the cause and effect behind data trends.
  • Validating your understanding of your data and what it really says about your target market.
  • Adding a personal touch and building rapprt with prospects and customers.
  • Digging deeper into responses to fully understand get to the heart of the issue.

Download our article to find out how phone-based research services can help you to draw value from your digitally-driven data assets.

“Big data may tell you how many customers you may have won or lost but not necessarily why. This is the intelligence that can really make a difference.”

Jane Frost, Chief Executive, Market Research Society


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