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Putting the why first: How brand purpose impacts business

November 27, 2018

Download this free report to learn how big brands use their purpose to drive customer loyalty, employee retention, and profit

Most companies understand what their customers want. But focusing solely on products and profit just isn't going to cut it in today's competitive landscape. Marketers have to connect with what drives their customers - the emotion behind the action. To do this, you need to define your brand purpose.

This report, written in conjuction with marcomms agency Bray Leino, features insights from marketing leaders on how to unlock and leverage the 'why' behind your brand, including:

  • Mike Cash, channel and group marketing manager at Electrium.
  • Zoe Chapman, global offer development manager at Castrol.

It will show you how to build an army of advocates, get your team on board, and build your lighthouse statement.

Download this 15-page guide and learn:

  • How to uncover your origin story.
  • How to connect with your stakeholders.
  • How to evaluate and adapt your current messaging.
  • How to take a CSR sense-check.
  • How to discover your brand's mission and motivation.

“You can’t have a strong brand unless you have pure advocates. They’re not born overnight but over time, through recognition and empowerment – and in realising that the brand means something to them, their behaviour changes as a result.”

Zoe Chapman, Castrol


Bray Leino



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