Research: Do you have digital DNA?

March 30, 2015

Traditionally slow to act, and – in many cases – not particularly regarded as being frontrunners in forward-thinking working practices, B2B organisations have struggled when it comes to learning to operate in an increasingly digital selling environment. In some areas it does feel like a tipping point has been reached, though. Few people are still questioning how relevant investment in technology is. In most cases the conversation has moved on. But how are B2B brands juggling the challenges and opportunities associated with digital?

B2B Marketing joined forces with Fusionworkshop and Sitecore UK to garner a snapshot of how well B2B marketers think they, their bosses, and the organisations they represent are doing with digital.

Our research aimed to uncover the underlying issues limiting digital success, from tech adoption and cultural shifts, through to identifying just how much money organisations are generating as a result of the investments they are making in technology. 

Download the resulting report, featuring research analysis, best practice advice and more.






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