RESEARCH: Where is all the B2B video?

April 28, 2014

B2B Marketing partnered with ITN Productions, ITN’s dedicated content hub, to investigate the state of B2B video use and ask: ‘Where is all the B2B video?’
This research project launched in late March 2014, and proved to be incredibly popular with the industry. The survey attracted the responses of 172 mid- to senior-level marketing professionals, and their feedback can be found distilled into the various components of this report.

Included in this report is the research analysis of the survey, research comment from ITN Productions, best practice advice on how to utilise B2C techniques in B2B video, an infogrpahic detailing the research’s key findings, and the key takeaways from a B2B Leaders roundtable event staged in mid-April.

As a complete package it can be seen as providing a very clear ‘state of the market’ take on how B2B marketers are currently using video, how this use is about to change, and how they should be acting if they want to see their video investments fly.








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