ROUNDTABLE: Co-operation, collaboration & content

June 30, 2014

For any organisation to succeed, it’s always been essential for sales and marketing to work effectively together. But the need for a harmonious relationship and purposeful collaboration has been escalated by recent changes in B2B buyer behaviour.

This roundtable sought to explore this issue, understand the extent to which preconceptions are true (or otherwise) and how practitioners were responding to it. Some key questions that it sought to address were:

• What are the factors that best contribute towards a harmonious relationship between sales and marketing?
• What role does sales play in content creation and refinement?
• How can and should sales leverage content as part of the conversion process?
• What does the future of content look like – from both a sales and marketing perspective?

The roundtable took place at the Hospital Club and was attended by B2B Leaders (senior client-side marketers) from a range of different industries and sectors. Bearing in mind the sensitivities of the topics discussed and the opinions expressed, details of attendees have been kept as confidential – however, this is a summary of key responses or points made.



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