The secret to the perfect nurture sequence

September 3, 2018

How to send plain text emails with maximum impact, in 6 simple steps

Consumers open only 1 in 5 commercial emails, and as inboxes become even more crowded, that number will get smaller and smaller.

This guide therefore helps marketers cut through the noise and achieve high engagement, even when talking about the same subject!

With 6 practical steps suitable for both a marketing pro or a comms novice, this sequence is proven to open doors and educate contacts faster than any other approach seen by Force24.

The result? More marketing qualified leads and greater campaign ROI.

Download this guide to understand how to nuture a recipient through the 6 stages:

  • Intro
  • Social proof
  • Gain
  • Fear
  • Logic
  • Urgency

Plus, pick up subject line, email template and CTA tips, and learn about the power of a 'PS'.

The secret to the perfect nurture sequence







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