Social media: Are B2B buyers really using it?

August 12, 2013

Part three of the 2013 Buyersphere report

The first two sections of the Buyersphere report have shown that B2B buyers are hungry for information. The more they know, the better purchase decisions they will make.

But one question that marketers have struggled to find a definitive answer to is whether to invest in social media - and if so, in what way.

This section of the Buyersphere asked for the attitudes of buyers towards social media in terms of:

  • Which social media channels were most often used
  • Which social media channels were found most useful
  • How their use of social media in general compares to their use of it for this specific buying process.

Marketers will be able to use the findings to help form an opinion on whether social media really is a key part of the marketing mix - and what level of investment it justifies.








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