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Telemarketing - A B2B marketer's secret weapon!

January 7, 2019

Many B2B marketers are underleveraging the tactic that has been successfully generating leads and closing sales for decades.

Sometimes it feels like the entire world of B2B marketing has gone digital, but there is a non-digital tactic that continues to successfully generate leads and close sales in a big way: telemarketing.

It's a direct, one-to-one form of communication that has a natural connection with the B2B world — a field built around relationships, a complex buying cycle and tightly targeted audiences.

In this new ebook, you'll learn:

  • Four common telemarketing missteps companies make that lead to dissapointing results
  • Six specific methods to increase revenue through telemarketing
  • Three tips to target the right audience with your telemarketing programme.
Telemarketing - A B2B marketer's secret weapon!


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