The touchpaper question: How (and why) B2B buyers start the buying process

July 30, 2013

Part One of the 2013 Buyersphere report

If there is a golden moment for B2B marketers, it is the very outset of the buying process. When the blue touchpaper is first lit.

Every purchase begins with a decision, usually made around a boardroom table, to give the green light to a purchase. Whether it is investing in new IT equipment, putting out a tender for business services or starting a property search, there is a single point that every interested brand would dearly love to know about - and when they would love to be present in the minds of those around that table.

Part One of the Buyersphere Report is devoted to this key stage. Our aim: to give B2B marketers like you insight into the thoughts and motivations of the newly formed decision-making unit. They say it's the early bird that catches the worm: we hope this early insight puts you in a better position to make sure your brand comes out on top at the end of the process.