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What can we learn from motorway marketing

April 30, 2019

7-steps to nailing the technique every marketer should know, but only 10% do!

Savvy marketers are always on the lookout for campaign inspiration, time-saving hacks and tools to prove their ROI.

But sometimes the constant hunt for ‘the next big thing’ means you may miss opportunities that have been lying under your nose for decades!

Take the gigantic blue motorway signs we pass on a daily basis. Most of us take for granted the volume of information they tell us, and in what order and frequency.

But pay a little more attention to motorway comms and you’ll soon spot a clever formula that, if followed in our own digital campaigns, could hold the key to best-practice email marketing?

This free guide walks through the 7-step must-know ‘motorway marketing’ technique that will help you structure – and sense-check – every email campaign you send moving forward.

Download this guide now to learn:

  • How to structure your journey
  • How to prioritise your messaging
  • Which touch points will work best, and when.

See your event sign-up campaign come to life with the help of the motorway marketing technique!

As marketers, we talk about the customer journey every day, but what can we learn from our morning commute?!

What can we learn from motorway marketing




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