What is omnichannel and why should you be doing it?

January 3, 2017

Omnichannel marketing is often misunderstood, with many marketers confusing it with cross-channel and multichannel. 

In the first of a three-part report, carried out in association with Sitecore, we've sought to eliminate any confusion and pinpoint exactly where B2B marketers are on their omnichannel journey.

Download this paper to find out:

  • Where the terminology confusion stems from
  • The wider industry's understanding of omnichannel
  • Marketers' perceived ability to do it effectively
  • What the term omnichannel really means and what it could do for your business
  • Why an omnichannel approach will be a big differentiator for marketers in the future
  • Why marketers can't afford not to prioritise customer experience in the months ahead.

Omnichannel success revolves around thinking holistically about the customer, and making sure every single touchpoint – online and offline – is aligned

What is omnichannel, Sitecore
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Customer experience



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