Whitepaper - Adapting web practices to the new EU cookie laws

June 2, 2011

Find out what effect the new EU cookie laws will have on tracking your prospects' online behaviour, and how you can gain your users' trust.

'Cookies' - small lines of text stored by a user's web browser - help individuals navigate quickly around sites they visit regularly. At the same time, they allow marketers to track visitors' online behaviour and build a profile that will allow for more tailored marketing.

However, new EU regulations effective from 25th May 2011 state that users must now be notified each time a cookie is placed on their machine. Marketers must now gain prior consent from website visitors before they can share or use an individual's personal data.

This whitepaper will show you how an integrated marketing solution can help you gain the trust of your customers so that they continue being happy to share their online personal data with you.



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