Whitepaper - Animated B2B storytelling: When the moving image makes the most impact

October 31, 2012

The four essentials of any good B2B marketing story; why video is on the rise as the content asset of choice; and the top use cases for video storytelling.

The medium you choose to convey a B2B marketing story can greatly affect its impact. Animation, motion graphics, video, movie…whatever you name it, content that tells a story via moving images can generate leads, enhance a brand, and deliver information in ways that truly engage B2B audiences. In this paper, we explore the essentials of a good B2B story, why video is becoming more popular as a B2B content asset, the best use cases for video storytelling, and when it makes sense to call in the professionals vs firing up the smartphone camera.

 Key details

  • Every effective B2B story includes action, conflict & resolution, character, and specifics
  • Video is the medium of choice for capturing complete audience attention fast
  • Video content typically keeps website visitors engaged longer than text does—and ultimately nudges search results in your favour so more people can find you online
  • You can atomise your video content into other outlets, such as presentations and blog posts
  • The best use cases for video storytelling include educational demos and tutorials, brand stories, thought leadership pieces, and direct response campaigns



Content marketing
Demand generation