Whitepaper - B2B email marketing European legislation

February 27, 2012

Across Europe today, the sending of electronic communications is regulated by Article 13 of the 2003 European Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications. However, for email marketing specifically, the “country of reception” principle applies – this means that the law of the country of the recipient of an email applies, even when the sender is situated abroad. Since at national level laws on data protection vary widely, this makes planning and executing crossborder email campaigns covering a number of European countries very complex.

Another challenge faces B2B marketers specifically - laws on B2B email marketing are often vague, with many grey areas where it’s difficult to find clear direction. Some countries have now specifically stated that (the often stricter) B2C regulations apply to B2B email marketing.

This whitepaper will talk you through the rules and regulations surrounding your email marketing so you can make sure that your campaigns always operate within the law.






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