Whitepaper: Best practices for creating a content marketing strategy

October 22, 2013

Learn the best practice for developing and deploying appropriate strategies for content across all channels and lead lifecycles. This comprehensive overview of the most effective content marketing strategies is the result of an online discussion with some of the best and brightest thought leaders, including Marketing Interactions' Ardath Albee, DocuSign's Meagen Eisenberg, Heinz Marketing's Matt Heinz, and The Funnelholic's Craig Rosenberg.

Extend the life of your content by repurposing. After putting the time and energy into a fantastic webinar, for example, convert it into a video and publish it on your YouTube channel. Post the presentation deck on SlideShare. Pay for a transcription and make an edited PDF of the audio track available. Break that transcript up into a short series of blog posts and keep going.



Demand generation
Inbound marketing



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