Whitepaper - Buyersphere Report 2011

May 9, 2011

Find out which marketing channels are the most effective with this survey report.

Buyer behaviour has changed totally over the last few years, and we all know that buyers have greater control over the way they research information to support their purchases. But before you invest every last cent in social media, be aware that ‘traditional online’ channels are by far the most in#uential. Email, web searches and supplier websites far outstrip Facebook and friends – for now...

Base One have commissioned a research study to explore the extent to which B2B decision-makers are using tools and channels to help them in the process of refining their needs and identifying suitable suppliers for major business purchases.The survey was carried out in March 2011. A total of 1017 decisionmakers took part. Unlike the original wave of research, which was conducted in the UK only, the 2011 project included interviews in France (151), Germany (163), Italy (100) and Belgium (102) as well as the UK (501).






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