Whitepaper - Discover the secrets of B2B event success

February 15, 2011

B2B events are one of the oldest forms of marketing, yet remain one of the most powerful relationship building tools that we can use, says Lilah Walker, international director of events, Marketing Options. 

Despite the digital age, there is still the innate human need for face-to-face interaction and the truth remains that people ultimately buy from people. Smart B2B marketers are increasingly recognising that, when planned and executed effectively, events are an excellent source of brand awareness and lead generation.

Marketing Options International (MOI) have taken over 23 years of audience generation and event management experience and developed 10 best practice tips to help to make your B2B events a success. Each tip will guide you through the key considerations for planning and delivering a high end event experience which creates memorable engagement for both the delegates and your organisation.




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