Whitepaper - Emerging trends in virtual communication

February 15, 2011

Virtual communication and how to interact with people online is a topic at the tip of most B2B marketers' tongues, with the increasing efficiency of the Internet shifting audience activity, and therefore marketing activity, from print to digital.

With virtual marketing channels proven to increase country reach by more than 25% and audience reach by over 50 per cent, B2B marketers need to understand the opportunities these new technologies offer, and how best to exploit them within an integrated marketing strategy.

A new insight paper from leading marketing services organisation, Slipstream Global, examines the emerging trends in virtual communication in B2B marketing, and looks at how to maximise its efficiency as a tool for communicating and engaging with target audiences. The paper discusses how recent innovations in marketing can be capitalised on to improve how you connect with these audiences and how virtual communication can become an integrated part of your marketing strategy.



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