Whitepaper - Five key strategies that every B2B marketer should prioritise

February 15, 2011

69 per cent of marketers say that generating high-qualty leads is the top priority in their marketing strategy. But what other areas should they be prioritising?

Marketers have been hard hit in recent years, facing enormous challenges and the need to do more with less. B2B marketing has changed and continues to change with marketing departments being asked to play a major role in leading their organisations through this period of uncertainty.

With recent shifts in technology and trends, what should B2B marketers be doing to derive the highest possible value from their work? This paper provides an overview of five key areas that B2B marketers should focus on over the next 12 months and beyond. It discusses the main issues and considerations, as well as providing actionable insight to assist you with your marketing efforts.



Demand generation



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