Whitepaper: Five questions about managing social media that you should ask your agency

March 31, 2014

Choosing the right marketing or branding agency for your company is a complicated task. Your agency will have your brand in its hands—tinkering with it, stretching it, and molding it. You need the result to be something new and unexpected, but still on-strategy and successful. 

You can select the most reputable firm, but reputation can be expensive. You can choose the newest firm, but will they have enough experience? Tech-heavy digital design agencies may not know enough about traditional media. Traditional agencies might not be as familiar with digital media—and you need an agency familiar with digital and social media because that’s where you’ll find the new opportunities.

So how do you decide on an agency? To trust your agency, you need to ask questions and listen to what they say—and don’t say—when they answer. This whitepaper provides you with five questions you should ask agencies to help you separate the real candidates from the posers.


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