Whitepaper: Graduating from email marketing to marketing automation

October 9, 2013

Elevate your email marketing strategy
If you are struggling to convert more leads, get the best leads to sales, move leads though a complex buying cycle, or do more marketing with limited resources, it may be time to elevate your email marketing strategy.

Key considerations for the transition from email marketing to marketing automation:

  • Differences in marketing: key differences between automation and email marketing.
  • Customer buying processes: how marketing automation helps your customers through their buying process.
  • Automation advantages: the advantages and alignment that marketing automation brings to your sales and marketing teams.
  • Organizational fit: key signs marketing automation is right for your organisation.
  • CRM integration: how marketing automation integrates with and enhances your existing CRM. 

Download Marketo’s Graduating from Email Marketing to Marketing Automation whitepaper and see if you're ready for the next revolution in marketing.









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