Whitepaper - The Grande Guide to email deliverability and privacy

September 13, 2011

Email deliverability is all about maximising the potential number of emails reaching the inbox. How well you do with deliverability depends on how well your organisation manages your email sender reputation, manages lists and ensures a quality database, such as where you get email addresses from and how you manage bounces.

When it comes to email, privacy is about safeguarding the personal information contained in your database, according to law.

This whitepaper will:

  • Talk you through all the email deliverability jargon and privacy best practice
  • Show you how to manage your reputation through controlling complaints and authenticating your IP address
  • Help you manage your email lists and deal with bounces
  • Teach your how to optimise your email content
  • Suggest some tools and technologies to help you.



Marketing automation



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