Whitepaper - The grande guide to sales enablement

April 4, 2012

Getting prospects to spend money with your business is always a challenge, but sales enablement can help.

Let’s face it – no-one likes being sold to. That’s why you prospect’s avoid your salesperson until the last possible minute, instead educating themselves by accessing publically available information and seeking advice from their peers online until they’ve narrowed down their options. By the time they contact a salesperson, they are already 70 percent into their buyer’s journey.

This shift places buyers in control of the sales cycle. These days the best salesperson is the one who consults with prospects to simplify their decision-making process based on an understanding of buyer behaviour.

Sales enablement – also called sales readiness – is about helping today’s salesperson deliver the right content to the right person at the right time to facilitate this largely independent buying process. This whitepaper looks at why you need sales enablement, how to understand online behaviour, what tools and technologies can help and offers you some best practice tips.



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