Whitepaper: The grande guide to the social CMO

November 16, 2012

You may wonder why Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) would need to personally understand social media. Because social media moves at breakneck speed, and because each network is essentially a sub-culture with its own peculiar language and mores, many CMOs have effectively 'tuned out'. They either delegate social media to junior staff, who understand the technology but not the message you want to project, build a bare minimum presence (e.g. a Facebook page or Twitter handle) or farm the responsibility out to another department entirely. But with only 35 percent of companies having a digital marketing team, CMOs really need to step up to the plate.

This whitepaper looks at the dos and don'ts of social media, the key platforms, and case studies illustrating how CMOs can lead the way with social media marketing.



Marketing automation



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