Whitepaper: Grande guide to social demand generation

January 19, 2015

Demand generation is the strategies and tools marketing uses to identify prospects, nurture them, and turn them into leads. In today’s business environment - where buyers can access a seemingly unlimited amount of resources about your brand and industry - understanding prospect preferences and needs by capturing their online behavior has become a critical aspect of the demand professional’s job.

The rise of social media is giving marketers a new way to engage potential buyers all the way through each stage of the journey. While many organisations use social to drive brand awareness, employing it to move leads through the funnel has lagged. With social tools and methodologies, organisations can get a fuller picture of all the actions that lead a prospect to buy—the conversations they carry out with peers, the content they share, and whom they trust.

This paper by Oracle Marketing Cloud demonstrates that, with a social demand generation strategy, marketing can organically extend the reach of its campaigns, see who is influencing its prospects, and pass high-value data to sales.



Demand generation



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