Whitepaper: Marketers’ priorities and pain points

January 29, 2014

B2B Marketing and Ogilvy carried out a research project among B2B marketers to discover the biggest issues they are faced with. The roundtable discussions revealed that their greatest concerns were measurement, content marketing, brand and marketing and sales integration.

In this whitepaper Joel Harrison, editor-in-chief at B2B Marketing, investigates the findings of the research and James Myers, joint head of planning at Ogilvy, goes on to outline how to solve these challenges in a series of how-to articles.

The research is complemented with the key takeaways of a roundtable discussion of senior B2B marketers, seeking to shed light on the conflict between brand and demand. It reveals that although B2B leaders may be under pressure to drive revenue, corporate vanity still has the potential to influence marketing spend.

Read this whitepaper to learn more about the outcome of the discussion, find out the biggest concerns of B2B marketers and discover how to overcome these issues. 







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